How Cosmetic Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

How Cosmetic Veneers Can Improve Your Smile


A beautiful smile can open a lot of doors in life. According to recent research, good-looking people have more chances to get better jobs and higher salaries than those who aren’t as gifted by mother nature. This isn’t necessarily fair, but there’s nothing you can do to change the general perception of our modern society. The human mind is subject to so many biases that we can only learn about them and try to find ways to counteract them. The Hollywood smile is perhaps the most admired and valued feature of an individual. If you want to have an easier life, you need to do something about this.

Unfortunately, when your teeth are crooked and stained, it’s hard to have a beautiful smile. Some people even smile less or cover their mouth with their hand while they laugh. This may erode their self-confidence, so they are going to have difficulties in networking and interacting with others in their communities.

Wearing braces can help straighten your teeth, but sometimes this isn’t possible due to various oral health issues. If for instance, you suffer from gum disease, you may not qualify for teeth straightening treatment, as you risk to lose your teeth. Bleaching works for making your teeth sparkling white, but it can’t correct mis-alignments. If you want to have both these flaws corrected, you need to find the right treatment for you.

Some people have a large gap between the two frontal teeth. Not everybody considers this a sign of beauty, so they may want to get rid of this gap, in order to feel better in their own skin. The traditional procedure involves using ceramic crowns, but this option affects the teeth quite severely. Why would you want to have two healthy teeth devitalized and destroyed, only to cover them with crowns that help to close the gap between them?

Cosmetic veneers can be the perfect solution to all these problems. They are extremely thin ceramic shells that get applied onto your natural teeth, thus changing their shape and their color. You can have the teeth you’ve always wanted without having to wear braces for several years or to whiten your teeth every time they get stained or turn to yellow.

The best thing about cosmetic veneers is that they don’t affect the enamel of your natural health teeth. In order to have them applied, your dentist is going to prepare your teeth by removing a very thin layer of enamel. This doesn’t affect the structure of your teeth in any way, and it isn’t a painful procedure. Anyway, most dentists would use anesthetics to make their patients feel comfortable during the procedure.

These ceramic shells have a transparency that makes them very similar to natural teeth. Besides, they come in various sizes and shades of white, so you’ll have the right fit and color, regardless the size and shape of your natural teeth. In the past, dentists didn’t agree to give their patients bright white prosthetics, as they firmly believed they would have an unnatural look. Today, however, everybody has got used to seeing people with white teeth, so you don’t have to be afraid to choose the shade you like the most. Nobody would find your smile strange, so dare to ask your dentist to give you the most awesome smile that exists.

Cosmetic veneers are permanent. You won’t be able to remove them, should you decide to switch back to your previous look. Nonetheless, no patient has ever considered getting rid of their veneers. Besides, they aren’t quite cheap, so you have to be positive you want them before making your final decision. Speaking of the price, you won’t need to cover all your teeth, but only those that are visible while you smile. If you have a big smile, the procedure is going to cost you more, but the effect will also be amplified.